Czech Statehood Day

The Publication Where Is My Home?

The book Where Is My Home? maps the history of the Czech national anthem, its reception and history, the historical context of the time it was written and the further development of the Czech lands with regard to the perception of Czech statehood and symbolism. Specialists from several institutions were invited to collaborate on this publication. In their contributions they examine the national anthem from various viewpoints, thereby offering readers a wealth of material related to this topic, which has not been dealt with comprehensively much until now. Here we find studies in history, musicology and biographies.

This publication is part of a project under the patronage of Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolánek to mark the 90th anniversary of the foundation of the Czech Republic and the celebrations of Czech Statehood Day, which is on 28 September. The project arose through co-operation between the Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs Alexandr Vondra, the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic, the National Theatre, the National Museum and Czech Radio. Contributions to the publication were made by music journalist Gabriel Gössel, theatre theoretician doc. PhDr. Jan Hyvnar CSc., musicologist PhDr. Markéta Kabelková and historian doc. Robert Sak.

This unique book is published in a Czech-English version and contains a wealth of pictorial documentation, including reproductions of original scores. The graphic design was produced by the Designiq studio (Filip Blažek and Jan Dobeš). In co–operation with the artist and glassworker Zdeněk Lhotský, a limited series of 650 units was made using a traditional Czech material–glass. The book itself was bound using an unusual bookbinding, thanks to which each constituent part is visible on the spine. These are, however, also printed, so the words „Where Is My Home?„ are a stand-out element on the spine. This type of binding, unusual in the Czech Republic, not only attracts attention, but also technically enables the hanging of the book block on the glass covers. The compact disk with the recordings is hidden inside the covers, and is therefore an integral part of the publication.

The book is published in a Czech–English version and contains a wealth of pictorial documentation, including reproductions of original scores, etc.

An ordinary version with a print run of 3350 comes without the glass cover. The publication can be purchased in selected bookshops and at retail outlets run by the National Museum and Czech Radio.